Now Offering Biomation, also known as Aquamation, Water Cremation,Bio Cremation,Flameless Cremation


What Is Biomation?

Biomation, also known technically as Alkaline Hydrolysis, is a chemical process that uses a solution of water and potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide to reduce a body to components of liquid and bone. Remaining bone fragments are reduced to a substance similar to cremated ashes.

Did You Know...

Newcastle Funeral Home is 1 of only 3 funeral homes in Ontario that is licensed to perform this process. We offer this service to families across Central and Southern Ontario.

Additional Information


Biomation at Newcastle Funeral Home
Your loved one never leaves our care, we perform all Biomations at our facility
Remains are returned to the family for burial or scattering
Metal implants are unaffected and sent for recycling. We use a company called Progressive Environmental Services and all proceeds resulting from recycled implants are donated to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.
No fossil fuels are consumed and no smoke stacks are required.


Common Misconceptions

Although there are many misconceptions about the Biomation process, the following are the two most common myths about this process:

#1 Acid is used in the Process: This is completely false. There is absolutely no acid used during this process. With Biomation, the only chemical mixed with the water is an alkaline called potassium hydroxide (KOH). The reaction of KOH in water is exothermic, meaning it gives off significant heat which contributes to the hydrolyzing or breakdown of the human tissue.

#2 The Biomation Process Boils the Body: This is also absolutely false. Biomation creates a highly controlled and sophisticated environment that uniquely combines water, alkali and heat. This process biochemically hydrolyzes the human body, leaving only bone fragments. During a typical Biomation  cycle, the body is reduced, bone fragments are rinsed and reduced to a powder consistency

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